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We are so Grateful you took the time to visit our site today.  There is no telling how we met, or how you were introduced to us.  It was either at a Trade Show, A Conference, At Church, Word of Mouth or maybe in Macys.   We all are in for a treat now that we have made the connection.   

We will walk you through the Legacy, as we grow into our Greatness!  God is using us to design and manufacture ladies clothing for beautiful women in all walks of life and for all occasions.

If you, or if you have someone in your life, 1- Who you think will benefit from our classes that will be offered this summer, to our next generation.  2- That are interested in Exclusive Designer Fashions, 3- For Profit and Non Profit Organizations that are  interested in Wilbourn Sisters Designs bringing a Fashion Showcase Production as a Fundraiser. We specialize in Runway and Informal Modeling, Male and Female for all ages. and 4- Wardrobe Costume Designing for Theatre and Film.

Please don't hesitate to contact us.  This is the year 2015, we all must continue the Legacy! 

Peace, Love and Much Joy!

Carolyn and Janice 

Check out the New Website @ www.wilbournsistersdesigns.com  and our online Shopping Experience @ www.etsy.com/shop/wilbournsisters